Mother     Raindrops     The Unborn     The Faded Picture

The Falling Star    Henna     The lifeless tree & the creeper

Posthumous Apology

Glimpse of life from the train window

Untouched     Mayflowers     I lived and Died

Famished dream     Freedom     Phase

Sonnet     I know not….    The Cabuliwallah   

 The fifth shifting (for Kirti)

Cottage in the mountains (A Dream)

To my Friends……………     My Verses     Blank

U & Me      U & Me again    The Last Adventure

Witch     Rootless     Scars

My life through the eyes of a stranger

Playful innocence     Want    The Rainbow

Girl to Woman     Hero Worship     Thoughts

Plain Vanilla     Rebuilding Sand Castles

My Grandmother     Dance Naturally     Open Window

City of Hope     Swans     Anomaly

Playful Gods    Tick Tock     Forbidden 

False Allegations   Guest of the Beast

Journey to the Sun    I am sorry     My Elusive Friend

Different Worlds      Chip on Shoulder      11

Worlds Apart     Divergent Motherhood

Run Away     Mindgame     The core in me

Un-chartered Waters      De-Construct     कुंतीऔर करण

Random thoughts   Born to fly

Far Away     Will you?     Unwanted

The Mark     Hesitate     Doubt    Memories

Offline    Humans?     Purple Berries and Summer

Preserve     Fish Fry

Total Recall

My Paper Boat

God’s Creation

The Incident


The Hand-pan Group

Wavering Compass


Women’s Day? What’s that?