Who is a witch you may ask
The one who zips on a broom
Once the midnight’s past
Flying over the moon
Donned in black robes and a crooked hat

It is a myth this image
But the witch very much exists
Not as dramatic as you were taught
But the guise is gullible
And you may soon fall
Prey to her spells
Evil hexes and all

She is someone you may know
Or not really, not at all
The woman who claims
To be a relation
Someone very close
You may share your secrets
And reveal to her who you are

Then she goes back
To the modern den
Boils up her cauldron
And wishes you may fall

She spoils your plans
And plays with your mind
She sometimes claims
To be you best mate
While all she has for you is hate

Conniving behind your back
She wants you a complete wreck
She thrives on your misery
On face she couldn’t be more sisterly

The woman you chat with everyday
She could be the friendly neighbor
Or that woman who eyes your man
Wishing him for herself
Prying the nuances of your intimacy
She’s plotting in her heart
On how to take away what’s yours

Beware now the robes are passe
So is the crooked hat
But the crooked heart
And the dazzling smile
Are modern weapons of art

You will keep her close
And never understand
Why things are just wrong
You will cry your heart out
She will happily lend you a shoulder
And stab you in the heart
Watch you bleed and laugh

Watch out for the new age witch
She’s right next to you
As you go about your life
She watches you keen
She wants to usurp your life
And rule like a queen