Everyone today is suddenly
Searching for their roots
They want to trace their ancestry
And be grounded in their culture
Heritage is fine but why settle
For just one culture, type, group
I am happy being rootless
Free to wander where I can
Mine may be a rich history
But history is of dead men
I am alive and raring to go
Travel the world and beyond
I want no binding boundaries
No heavy confines of one home
The universe is my hearth
And on the sun I shall land
Tie me not to one place, one time
I am timeless, ethereal
You shall find me in your teacup
And if you care to join me
I promise you dinner
At the edge of horizon
Where only the truly homeless
You shall find
I am a citizen of infinite space
Don’t bring me to the ground
And imprison me to a roof or root
Just one cannot be mine