I do not remember the first time
But I was often told
Dancing comes to you naturally
Maybe I was a five-year old
I moved and grooved
To any rhythm I could
It was like breathing
But better with the beats
And I thought to myself
Finally I had found magic
Life happened and so did
So many other wonderful things
But the steps they stayed with me
And so did the music
When I saw my child move
I just could not believe
He was taking after me
Taking up my love
Sometimes I dance alone
When I am happy and gay
Sometimes just to
Drive the pain away
It is like walking in the clouds
And when you feel like
Thundering, do it hard
Fling away the inhibitions
Let the skirts twirl around
For if you listen carefully
Even in silence there is sound
Jump hop shake and shimmy
Let no one stop you ever
For if you love dancing
It is like fever
Your heart will beat faster
And you cannot keep still
If you love dancing
You will always feel
It is but natural
To break into a dance
What my friend without it
Is the sound of music