What cannot be said, can be penned


July 2016

My Elusive Friend


Lying in the grass
I was gazing at the sky
It gently sat on my knee
And then as if teasing
It fluttered and flew away
The colors they mesmerized me
And broken was my reverie
The day dreaming halted
And I sprung to attention
I chased it till far
And then stumbled
Our little game of catch me
Wore well past the hour
And then when I was winded
Totally out of breath
I found a sweet spot
And sat down to rest
The elusive little butterfly
It came and settled
On my shoulder in peace





I often see her
Drenched in the rain
Pulling close her torn
And tattered rags
To protect against
The harsh winds
Sometimes begging
For food or coins
Sometimes scavenging
Sometimes just lying
Too tired for anything

We all see her
And many more like her
Some of us shell out
A coin or two, enough
Isn’t it, what more
Would a beggar want?
Sometimes food so stale
We wouldn’t feed the cat
But we think
She should be
Grateful for that

Not a thought on
What if that makes her sick?
She would be probably
Just die of pain because
Who will pay for the doctor’s fees?

We all see her
Yet we shy away
From helping her
Even across the road
Because who would
Hold a beggar’s hand
Why should we?

Because we are still
Made from the same soil
Today we have everything
But who knows tomorrow
Where we shall be?


I am sorry

“Sister, I am sorry”
I cried into my pillow
I had been mean
And made it clear

But after I realized
How wrong I was
My ego was too
Bloated in my head

I wanted to say
Three simple words

She had cried too
I saw her eyes
I battled over the
Stupid useless ego

“I am sorry”
There I said
What I really meant
And then I saw

Her eyes moisten too
I hugged her tight
And realized
How frail the bond
Yet how strong


Journey to the Sun


Perched on the edge of the horizon
A vast emptiness ahead
I turned and saw the path strewn
With memories, Actions
Sprouting from intentions
The spoken words hung
Like waste in the space
All the silences were jewels
Along the way some
People hurled stones
And some flowers
But the person who
Worried me tirelessly
Was the shadow
I would leave behind
Events flashed past
Like a time lag video
Friends foes all would
Be left behind forever
The journey was colossal
So was my strength
But now I was at peace
Approaching my sun


Guest of the Beast


It was but a strange night whence he ventured
Into the castle that beckoned him, lured him
The table laden with sumptuous spread
When all he had asked for was bread
The bed was ready and inviting
The fire lit and ablaze too
He laid and rested
And then he took it to the extreme ungratefulness
And ventured to pluck the beautiful roses too
It was then he appeared his host, the beast
He thundered not at the food he ate
Or the bed he slept in, or clothes
But the roses they were dear
And thus in exchange he had to get her, Beauty
To stay with this beast, for being his guest
Eating at his table and taking his roses
His heart bled as he left her there
A beautiful child with beast
His heart was full of fear
And he almost died
But when she touched his heart and found
It full of tenderness, warmth and love
She realized that no matter how
Cruel the beast outwardly
Inside he was tender
She lit in him the fire of kindness and he
In turn gave her all she ever deserved
The beast in all of us may seem
Insurmountable but it is
There, that soft tender



The Note

They found the note next to his lifeless body with a single rose over the neatly folder letter.

“This is an extreme step I am taking, I have no choice but to do what I have to do. I don’t have the courage to be the man you believed in.

I could not provide any comfort to you in my life and I am hoping that the circumstances change if I am not around.

After my accident I have become an additional burden on you as if taking care of the finances and being a working mom was not enough.

You are still young and very beautiful and our child is still young to retain any memories of a dad who was never around. Working when healthy and chair bound when not. I have never created any bonding with him for him to remember the special moments.

I wanted to give you the world when all you wanted was me, now I do not have much of myself to give either.

Forgive me for the cowardice, but facing your courage and love makes me want to free you from the shackles of being bound to me.

You deserve the best and I could not be that.


She kept staring at the words, the words burned everything inside of her. Then she heard the child cry, it was hungry, she put the note on the table, put the rose on it and picked up her son, one life was gone but two still had to go on………



False Allegations


The spoken word had worked
The bias created
They all looked at him with
Deep suspicions and wondered
Will he do it again
Will he betray us
Nobody had any inkling
Of what had transpired
Nor did they care
Their world should not be
Shaken or even shattered
Was all that mattered
One girl had pointed a finger
Made a false accusation
All because he did not fancy
To be her blind follower
He had called her bluff
And she turn trapped him
Filed charges, ruined him
And changed how the world
Looked at him, forever…..




Is there something forbidden in each one of us?
Ready to spring out and surprise
A side evil, uncontrolled, untamed
Unwanted but an integral part
What does it want?
A quenching of some thirst
Violent, pagan, ancient longing
Shadowing the normal routine
Or is it one of the many
Colours of a huge rainbow
That makes up our mental power
Is it so strong as to destroy?
Any rational thought and strike
Or does it lie dormant and asleep
Till something wakes it up
To lash out in fury?


Tick Tock


Tick Tock Tick Tock
The hands moved
Marking time
She sat there
For seconds
Her eyes unblinking
The images on
The television screen
Had blurred
A long time ago
The time
It just passed
Then the shrill buzz
Broke the silence
“I’m fine”
Two words
Coming from
Far away
And then the
Torrent of relief
It washed her
The nerve wrecking
Wait was over
“He’s fine”
She repeated
Now time had
A meaning


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