‘It’s just an adventure trip’, I will be back soon
He hugged his mother and said
That these would be the last words she’d hear
She had never thought
Lovingly she packed him food
And made sure he took his favorite T-shirt

When the news was broken to her
She too was surrounded by emotions
Disbelief at first then despair
She had known something was wrong
Just as only mothers do
Yet who would have thought
This would be the last she saw him

What were his thoughts she wondered
That instant he knew
He wasn’t going back home
Just as he had promised
Did he think of his friends and siblings
Or craved for one more chance
To make good his promise
And return to his mom

They searched high and low
In the waters that swept away
Her whole world in a moment
And finally when he was found
She held him for interminable eternity
Hoping he was at last dry and warm

The Last Adventure