Why o why you can’t be mine?
I love you have always loved you
But you choose to push me away
I hold out my heart in yearning
You are mesmerized by her earring
She stands tall I know, physically
But she’s pale in my glow
I was there by your side
Even in those difficult strides
But now that the sea is smooth
You let her take over the boat
The storms I weathered for you
Don’t they mean anything?
Or is that with age you discard
The dress, like a faded fad?
Well go on be smitten with her style
How long will she stand by you?
You are growing old, too aren’t you?
That lass will soon turn on you
Her ambitions are stronger
Than your attraction and
Soon you will be a has-been
For a new story, she will write
And you will be left holding
Of what would have been might