On the common road from home to town
There stood a tree overlooking other plants
Its sturdy trunk and strong branches
Told of the strength it possessed
But bare that it was of leaves
No passer-by gave it as much as a glance
This was not always the case
The tree was earlier full of leaves
Near its feet had grown a small creeper
And then it begun its climb upwards
Slowly as the creeper attached itself
To the trunk of the sturdy tree
The tree began to lose its leaves and look sick
The creeper grew and around the tree it clung
And all the food it could absorb
It sought and let the tree leaves starve
One day a man with an axe
Thought of cutting the lifeless tree
But to get to it he had to hack
The dense creeper that clung intensely
All day and then two more
He chopped the twines off
And with each passing day
The tree grew young to look at
At last when the creeper
Was uprooted from the base
A green colour of joy
Shone on the tree’s face
Baby leaves sprouted out and
Opened their eyes to see
The world was full of sunshine
But only if you are free
The tree too seemed like
A mother with a new-born child
For now, it glittered and glimmered
With pleasantries of colourful kind
The birds that had flown away
Now made a hearty return
The once known ghostly tree
Is now giving shade to everyone