What cannot be said, can be penned


February 2017


Darker than the darkest night

You wouldn’t want to even wander in their thoughts

The sheer force of violence there

Would leave you suffocating and gasping for air

The cruel intentions and evil schemes

Even against the ones they call their own

Would make your blood curl

They plan meticulously and target

The weakest link, albeit with love

Like a sugar-coated drug they make him immune

To any warnings of dangers he may receive

Then they attack the ones he promises to protect

And the weakling will just stand and watch

As they break each one who can fight

Slowly life becomes worse and hell seems

A much more amenable place

They either fight and separate

Or just die unexplained deaths

The first line of defense falls

Once all those who surround him

Who may protect him or fight, are gone

The hungry hyenas close in

Playing intricate mind-games

They take, loot, plunder all they want

Leaving behind an empty shell

Who does not even think of all

Those or that he lost

Because he is spell-bound forever

Till the wealth lust is not satisfied

All the tools they will use

But with that one target they will

Be gentle and loving so that

He may never see their true identity

When no more can be extracted

He will be left to die

It will then come to him how he

Lost all (more important the people)

But by then he is only praying

For a swift passage to the other side



The Mark

She often wondered

What is it that

She was supposed to do

Or Be

In a world so big and wide

Who was she

The purpose of her life

And through the haze

She often wondered

What could she do

To leave her mark

For eternity

Something big it should be

Or something powerful

For the world to see

He was ready and poised

To take that final step

No more worries

He would end it all

And then he felt a tug

Gentle at first

Then it pulled him back

The force was silent

And the girl frail

But her eyes pools of steel

He surrendered and stepped back

And without a word

Turned and left

But for years he wondered

How the incident had left

A mark on him

And he wondered if she knew

She had forever etched in him

A symbol of humanity



Why does the world shun me so?

What wrongs do I need to right?

Have I made more mistakes than others?

Or simply been unable to understand

Why does the world stare at me?

As if I was a burden too cumbersome

The harsh looks the ugly stares

Make my spine shiver

What is it about my appearance?

That tumults others emotions

Was I born to pay  penance

For sins not committed

Or was it before my birth decided

That I will serve in the land of man

Condemned by God himself

Did he chose to send me to earth

Because he couldn’t stand me either

And nor heaven or hell wanted me around

Will you?

When the thunder strikes

And lightening plays havoc

Will you take me in your arms?

When the rain pelts down

On a dark and dreary day

Will you smother me with love?

When the night is at its darkest best

And the evenings forlorn

Will you cheer me till dawn?

When my tears flow uninhibited

And a frown on my face forms

Will you put a smile in its place?

All this and then again for no reason

For a lifetime and beyond

Will you hold me in your arms?



Far Away

You brought me here

For my good you say

But my sobs can you hear

And see my tears

I am scared and

I am confused

I want to blend in

But I stand out

I am the new boy in class

I am not sure if they like me

Sometimes I am teased

You told me make friends

But my friends are far way

I spoke with them

Over the phone

They seemed happy

To hear from me

But still forlorn

Some are curious

Why did I go away

Will they remember me

Like I do

Will we ever connect

In future someday

All I know that

I am far away

From all that

Comforted me

But you say I need

To grow

I will try

I may still cry

Hold me and hug me

Till I am ready

Tell me you are

Near by

For everything else is

Far away


We recently shifted cities and that meant new school, new environment and new friends for my son. He is still coming to terms with the big change in his life (this is the first shifting for him, the earlier one was he was two years old and hardly has any memories of that one).

While I admit to have pushed him into this I am trying to feel what he feels and goes through each day and I hope someday when he grows up he will realize I understood and we were always there for him.


Born to fly

I feel at home when I soar

The skies are mine to conquer

Do not bind me, keep me on ground

I was meant to see your world

From the top, an encompassing view

I am a restless soul always in flight

Do not put me in a humdrum life

Alone I might seem to you

My company never lets me be lonely

Yes I love the hearth and home

I will sit by the fires and rest

Let my wings restore their energies

Before I fly out again

On my journeys to fantastic lands


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