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May 2017

Deceitful Impressions

She watched them as they took their daily walk. He would take at least eight to ten rounds depending on how long the coach made his child play, the wife on the other hand would tire after four rounds and then sit under the trees and watch her son play.

That was the time to move in, to take a walk with her own son, teasing him pushing him and generally being a fun person. Swaying her hips in a rather inviting fashion. She would take the path coming in from the opposite direction so that she could cross his path and watch him from far.

He wouldn’t be able to resist her for long, after all the men playing tennis were smitten by her weren’t they? But he took no notice and she was not used to being ignored. She was often given the look over by men and she basked in the attention.

Well what use was beauty if it did not make you popular, make men fall at your feet and make women snigger behind your back?

She gave the impression of being coy, as she turned round the bend and twisted around falling right into his arms.

“Sorry, I must have twisted my ankle, ouch and it does hurt terribly”, she gushed as he held her. She batted her kohled eyes at him making sure he smelt her perfume and sweat well.

“Here let me help you” he offered. She took his arms and even put a bold hand around his shoulder making a pretense of limping gasping and crooning all the while.

He took her to the spot where some chairs were placed for the tennis players.

She thanked him profusely and was about to advance further in her ploy when the pot-bellied, always stinky smelly man from her tennis class swarmed in on them. He was almost towering over her, “thank you for helping her out, we will take care of her”, he said as if dismissing her prey.

He smiled turned and left and she was fuming because all her ploy had come to naught.

But now he knew her and surely he would remember how wonderful she smelt, he would dream of her and she would walk the rest of his lonely rounds with him from tomorrow, after all they were now acquainted weren’t they.


“What took you so long today?” the wife looked at him as he held out a hand to hoist her from the ground.

“Nothing just bumped into someone who sprained her leg, so escorted her to a chair, are we done for today?”

“Yes we are and look our son is all smiles”, she pointed out to a child running towards them, beaming.

They came here for their walks while their son got coached. Perfect family fun time.

What could possible go wrong?


The eyes that followed them were kohled and full of deceit…….

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The Ascent

Earlier …………………………… from the Mumbling Munn

The creature seemed to be approaching Shor with great alacrity.

Suddenly it was almost upon him. A creature that looked like an alien. It’s seven pairs of legs made it walk quickly towards them. It mumbled and trembled and looked as if it was going to knock him off or pick him up and throw him back down the hole.

It was his good fortune Corac was with him.


Shor felt he was being whisked away. His hands and legs were dancing in space and his head could not yet figure out what was shaking him.

Then he was catapulted in the luminescent light and he felt strange, more accurately he felt nothing at all.

He was in a limbo, a flux where time and space had no meaning, no relevance and all that mattered was that strange hypnotic light.

And then he felt snatched, “Ouch” he was brought back to his senses by something hard and pointy digging into his waist.

“Gotcha, I told you he is a Mad Pod this Mumbling Munn” Corac put him down gently.

The creature which had flung him into a dizzy space was now hoping on his various legs changing legs and speed and mumbling like a dazed out yogi.

“Come to your senses Munn, we are passing through and this young chap here is on his way to the pool.” Corac thundered.

The strange creature cocked his head (or so it seemed to Shor) and mumbled some more.

“Ah, you want to join the party?, but then you must behave yourself and not get mad often” Corac replied.

“Join us?, what for?” Shor was not sure if he wanted such strange travel mates, but then he had not much of a choice.

“Apart from no mumbling he has to keep his legs to himself and not try to toss me around” Shor tried to negotiate his term.

The Mumbling Munn mumbled some more and Corac waved Shor to proceed.

Thus when Shor fell down the hole he was alone and now he had two other companions but he wondered if he could shake them off.


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