I cannot for the life of me forget that day
When I snapped at you in front of hundred people
I was suddenly the mother and you a little girl
You were hurt I saw it in your eyes
The tears were unshed but they were there

When I was a child you scolded me
But never in front of anybody
I broke the code and gave in
So easily to being all grown up
I am so sorry mummy

Then again one day I left you in the dark
I had gone to check what went wrong
With the electricity gone
But I forget you were alone in the room
Gasping in complete dark

When I came back you were
Shaking and in tears
I thought it was no big deal
Why was a grown up afraid of the dark?

But now I remember
How you never left me
By myself in the dark
You were always there for me

Why is it that when we grow up?
We forget parents are people too
We are kind to strangers
But to our own we are strange

When they laid you in the ground
All I could think was
It is going to be dark all around
I wanted a light by your side
Burning forever always bright

They said no, no markings
Or special lights
How I wish mother
I could do just this one thing

Will you forgive me for being the rude daughter?
Sometimes selfish too
I took you too much for granted
Knowing it was just you
I thought you’d be always around
But when they buried you in the ground
They buried a part of me too

The part that always wants to say
‘I am sorry ma’
I wish I could say it to your face
But I was always proud or busy

I am a mother now
And when my son is rude
I am hurt but then I forgive him
Knowing you’d have forgiven me too
‘I am sorry ma’ I hope you will
Always love and one day forgive me