What cannot be said, can be penned



God’s Creation

I am special says my mother
God’s creation specially for her
She prayed for a child
Who would bring her joy
He made me in response
To her prayers, her cry
Let my child be kind and nice
And his smile alone shall suffice
The world needs a kind soul
One who would light the paths
With deeds warm and thoughtful
I hope to live up to her dreams
And be the person she wants me to be
I am special, God’s creation
He loves me and that is all I need


Written for my son (really for his poetry recitation). I could not ignore such a beautiful expression, one that I hope he will appreciate some day

My Paper Boat

It began as a craft and then

It was a game

Making paper boats and

Sailing them

Sometimes in clear water

Sometimes in a drain

Chasing it with sticks

And racing them till they drown

The fun of fighting with friends

And cheering ail along

I will sail my boat

In the clouds one day

Will gather my friends below

Cheering by the bay

Looking at me having taken wings

They will surely ask me

Is it in their dreams

We will ail soar and sail

Away from each other one day

But when we see a paper boat

We will think of this day

Total Recall

When it came to it I knew

We were not going anywhere

The space had grown in light years

And things were not even remotely the same

I knew not when it crept in, this huge critter

Of emotional garbage between us

We had both stepped back hoping

It will dissolve.

The sum of total pain and happiness

Stacked on the scales

Weighed zilch, zero and nothing at all

Tired now we were packing our

Left over emotions in zip locks

His hand brushed mine and a

Sliver of a shiver ran through me

It brought back memories of

What had fossilized by now

The melting of snow was quick

And the torrent of love came gushing

All that we once shared flourished

And it was a total of all the love minus




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via Daily Prompt: Total


Measure out your love

And give when needed

Else the wrong person

Will leave you depleted

Take the soulful sighs

With slight pinch of salt

Let them go, let it fall

The special one is

Just round the bend

He will take your hand

Leading you down the

Wonderful path

And the others you will

Soon see you loathed

Pay no attention

The world will pull

You down, do not

Frown, just play along

Not everyone gets

More than they deserve

You are the lucky one

Keep the love, let it



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Purple Berries and Summer

I don’t see them much nowadays

The purple berries I ate

But children today have

Purple tongues of artificial colors

They don’t climb trees anymore

Nor get shouted at by neighbors

They have no fun stealing fruit

Climbing walls, getting caught

Staying alert, hooting signals

Our summers were usually spent

Evading scolding, light punishment

Roaming free,  hanging out together

We had to be looked for

Our parents usually found us

Lounging under trees, eating berries

And other seasonal fruit

Now candies have replaced berries

And Ac homes and iPads

We usually ask politely if

Our child can come to your place

And no there are no berries

Lest the marbled floors get stained


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I have heard of so many horrors

Of siblings killing each other

Fathers raping their daughters

Of mothers killing their children

And I often wonder what

Kind of grotesquely

Abstract reasoning

Perpetrate  these acts

Where does so much hate stem from

Are we all capable of the unthinkable

So inconceivable to a rational mind

Have we not then matured to

Humans, thinking rational beings

Or have we become worse than the

Those we condemn as animals





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She hugged the coffee cup
And huddled over herself
Then straightened up and
Checked herself in the window
She was not beautiful she knew
But she looked pretty today
Her hair washed and shiny
Framed he pretty face
Would he look at her and see
A girl he adored so lovingly
Or would he turn out to be
Shallow and skin deep
She was nervous meeting offline
A date she chuckled inside
Or a disastrous meeting
Well time would tell
He should be here soon
She looked again in the window
And flicked away her wavy hair

He saw her sit by the window
And watched her order coffee
She looked as nervous as him
And yet was so pretty
Would he appeal to her
And make her laugh
Online was a different thing
But in person he was
Not so bright as he’d like to think
Would she shun him
Mock his nerdy appearance
Or would she be like he
Imagined she was, sensitive
And nice, as she always seemed
He watched and longed
To go in and break the ice
His own shackles kept him
Bounded to the road
On the opposite side
Finally he decided
He would not hurt
Either of them
It would be nicer
If they stuck to meeting online


<a href=””>Nervous</a&gt;


It raised it’s ugly head

And destroyed forever the love they shared

Doubt, the poison they drank


<a href=””>Doubt</a&gt;



I got myself a locker

In the corner of my heart

Where I store all feelings

That are tough and hard

All the hurt and pain

All talks of me being vain

The angst and desperation

All hopelessness, all failures

I slowly categorize it

And stash it away

Why do I not share it you say?

I hesitate in case you flick it away

Just like you flick away my fears

For me they are real

But they are not yours

I don’t expect you to understand

Just humor me I say

But you are too strong 

And I am a just ordinary person

I hesitate to tell you

For the fear that you will laugh in my face

You can cope up with everything

I am not that way

One day I will deal with my issues

And face all my fears

I will try to be strong like you

But today I hesitate




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