The mother of all thoughts unsavory, the breeding ground for all sins, indulgence in self apathy and the nesting ground for parallel thinking not always social.

Often I have seen women with nothing to do turn to gossip laden tea trays and luncheons which deliver juicy details on what is going on in other people’s lives. The intention is nothing short of carnal satisfaction for whiling away one’s own ticking away of time.

These sessions lead to many manipulated moves and carefully scrutinized devious plots that have cause many a homes to break, killed the very souls of people and even toppled governments.

They say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop I would say it is a hotbed of all activity nefarious in nature.

Bored men play mind games, the ones in which there is no other winner except themselves. The average time a person spends in boredom is more than what he envisages doing something fruitful.

The score keepers, the grudge bearers, the ego rapists, the confidence killers are all people born in boredom. They were something else before. They had a purpose. They had a life. They were someone before they became all this and worst. They were busy working for a living, cooking, taking care, chasing hobbies then they stopped doing it or maybe had more time than their activities and then they turned into this.

We can escape this prison we make for ourselves but often it is easy to drift away and get caught in the currents. Without realizing the damage is done. Soon it becomes a habit a way of life and then there is no return.