It clasped my fingers and I woke up startled
Soothing its fears, I warmly cradled
And cocooned it in my warmth
Ever so agile and alert I was like a hawk
I shielded it from the harsh world
I guess every mother is born with the child
I watched it grow and hop and skip and laugh
Proud like every parent I nurtured and fed
And watched closely all the days spent
With it grew my aspirations, dreams I dared not
It will achieve them all my child will falter not
Agonies of the teen ages and the fears all real
Then came the moments of leaving the nest
No matter how much I prepared
My heart would still hurt
A different city will host my baby
And it will not be safe and secure
I learnt to let go then I suddenly broke
I kept mumbling they told me later
Please do not take my baby away
I cried for days and felt the emptiness
Don’t call it a fetus, it’s not just that
It was my child a living entity
Even if it was unborn it was still alive
I felt the heartbeat and lived it
Within me all the months
My reverie broken and blood
Washed away my tears
I was left on the point of
Emptiness and depression