It was but a strange night whence he ventured
Into the castle that beckoned him, lured him
The table laden with sumptuous spread
When all he had asked for was bread
The bed was ready and inviting
The fire lit and ablaze too
He laid and rested
And then he took it to the extreme ungratefulness
And ventured to pluck the beautiful roses too
It was then he appeared his host, the beast
He thundered not at the food he ate
Or the bed he slept in, or clothes
But the roses they were dear
And thus in exchange he had to get her, Beauty
To stay with this beast, for being his guest
Eating at his table and taking his roses
His heart bled as he left her there
A beautiful child with beast
His heart was full of fear
And he almost died
But when she touched his heart and found
It full of tenderness, warmth and love
She realized that no matter how
Cruel the beast outwardly
Inside he was tender
She lit in him the fire of kindness and he
In turn gave her all she ever deserved
The beast in all of us may seem
Insurmountable but it is
There, that soft tender