She hugged the coffee cup
And huddled over herself
Then straightened up and
Checked herself in the window
She was not beautiful she knew
But she looked pretty today
Her hair washed and shiny
Framed he pretty face
Would he look at her and see
A girl he adored so lovingly
Or would he turn out to be
Shallow and skin deep
She was nervous meeting offline
A date she chuckled inside
Or a disastrous meeting
Well time would tell
He should be here soon
She looked again in the window
And flicked away her wavy hair

He saw her sit by the window
And watched her order coffee
She looked as nervous as him
And yet was so pretty
Would he appeal to her
And make her laugh
Online was a different thing
But in person he was
Not so bright as he’d like to think
Would she shun him
Mock his nerdy appearance
Or would she be like he
Imagined she was, sensitive
And nice, as she always seemed
He watched and longed
To go in and break the ice
His own shackles kept him
Bounded to the road
On the opposite side
Finally he decided
He would not hurt
Either of them
It would be nicer
If they stuck to meeting online


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