A different title, that’s not all
It is very relevant because you never made it
Left me to face it alone
Years ago when you poked your little head
And said hello
I was skeptical whether to reply or just ignore
The girl across my room on my floor
But your smile was unlaced with
Anything I had grown wary of
Slowly we became acquaintances
Then friends, confidantes
Then parents siblings to each other
We would wait for the day to come to an end
As we recounted the office happenings
Boyfriend agonies, meals together, late night chats
All the while blaming each other when
We couldn’t wake up early the next day
Calling each other to keep dabbas
And just calling each other when away
It became more important to me that
You appreciated whatever I bought
And scolded me for spending so much
The demand for ghar ke laddoos
And conversations starting with KKs
Poonam came and melted in too
In the pot we were cooking friendship in
Then along came your sister Tripti and her friend Prachi
We called them kaccha limbus
But felt like mother hens towards them
All your applications signed by me
Ain’t then I also your father?
Lazy Sundays while clothes soaked
And we lamented “Clothes to wash and room to clean”
But we only lamented and sat and laughed
All the crazy hours after lights-out
When the matron pulled me out of your room
And you people from mine
Now none of that and the matron looks at me with sympathy
Wondering how I will cope the melancholy
Poonam went and took away half the light
Then you and now there’s only me
No cheer to come back to
What we had made home (out of a hostel)
For you ditched me and left
Before your fifth shifting