Raging fires raining sparks
There was no shelter in sight
He carried the heaviest load
A father in this world should not
A breath, a gasp, a pulse, weak
A hope a glimmer and he ran
The fires they raged within
Through the eyes they would peep
The wall that sheltered them
Would come crashing down
A shell, a bomb anything
Would tear the town down
Debris strewn everywhere
Streaks of blood splatter
Of limbs and moans
From those who
Could not yet surrender
What was it about life?
We all wished to live it
And take it
No he would not succumb yet
Give in to the urge
He could not lie down nor rest
The camp was reachable
Till the pulse was heard
He would not back down
Then the mortar fired
And his hopes they bled out
In his arms, his body numb
He gave up and held the body
Which racked with his sobs
Lifeless and no more in pain
The pages were wet from
The unchecked tears
As I closed and folded the paper
And took a moment
To come back to a world
Where the biggest disaster
Was cat fights during sale
And your child not
Making it to Cheerleading
I could not but shake off
The landmines in my mind
And the image of him
Through a haze of  smoke
Clinging to a lifeless child