As I walked upon the shore
The water lapping up my feet
I saw him bent over and seriously
Working with sand, quite a feat
The castle he designed and made
The tricks he used to keep it upright
Lasted only a few moments
Every time the sea fancied
It hurled a foamy wave
Which brought down the castle
Flattened to the core
He took no notice as if to mock
The sea and he played a game
That I amusedly watched
He would build and it would destroy
And I simply wondered why
Should he try to build and rebuild
Something that would never last
When I asked him he replied
It’s the job and nature of the waves
To destroy and make fun of me
While I am building for fun
If it still stays when I am back tomorrow
Then let’s see who has won
I though how simple
Life’s challenges could be
If we build out of joy
Who could take it away from me