In the vastly spread universe
There lived a star blinking bright
For a poor cold hungry boy on earth
It was the most wonderful sight
Outside his thatched hut
He sat every clear night
He stared and smiled at the star
And often spoke of his plight
As days grew into years
The boy grew up to be a man
Waves of fate cruel and strong
Lashed against the growing heart
And all that life could do, it did to him, broke him
Still taking everything in his stride
He strove heedlessly on and on
He stopped not until his
Last ounce of strength was gone
Then he took to bed sick and completely worn
Surprisingly now it seemed
The star’s light was getting dim
Death slowly approached the man
And every hour that he spent ill
The star was shedding less light
Then one day before false dawn
The star saw its buddy forlorn
Death’s claws had him in his hand
The star could do nothing but watch
As the young man breathed his last
There was a light stunning and fast
And as departed his soul
In the star’s place was an empty hole