It has been 9 years since I wrote this but every time I think of the baby I still wish I was holding it today in my arms. I am now blessed with a boy who is 7 years plus but yes I wish I had not lost that soul which lived in me for some time.
The loss of a child any age is the biggest loss any parent suffers.

Penned in May 07:

You my child, a part of me, my own
You lived within me, loved me and left me
Left an unbearable emptiness behind
An ache that cannot be dulled
You taught me compassion and to think above myself
To hold, to love, to nourish, to cherish
I saw you heard your heartbeat
And found indescribable joy
You with your sight opened my eyes to a world
Within me, yet not completely mine
You taught me to breathe and live for you
I spoke to you in a language we understood
Thoughts of you filled all my hours
And more than a baby you became
My dream, my entire life
When you left me without a goodbye
I cried for you and me and our un-severed bond
And then I calmed up for I knew
You were hiding behind the moon
I shall wait for you my sunshine
To come and light up my days
I shall hear your heartbeat again
For I saw your arms outstretched
Yes one day I shall hold you
And show the world you are mine.