Somber by the twilight
Bathed in purple glow
A few minutes of drizzle
And then a lighted row
I walked in a muted mood
My thoughts deeply embedded
In the situation at work
I saw him out of the corner
A dark scary silhouette
And hugged myself reassuringly
He came a bit closer and
As I was about to scream
He thrust my purse in my face
“You dropped this while walking”
I was taken totally aback
For he had broken my assumption
And was totally stumped
At his kind consideration
His eyes looked sunken deep
And his bones were bare
The shirt on his back was
Probably all he had
I thanked him profusely
And he shook his head
And all I could hear was
Buy me some bread
I walked him to the nearest
Cart I could find, and fed
Him that just one time
But when I walk alone
I know there is still
Hope for the city
As long as there are
People who are kind