What is it like I wonder? When you are at total surrender

Waiting at the horizon, for what awaits yonder

Life is at its sunset and even being awake is a task

You have seen it all, See your husband go

And slowly one by one, your children go before you

You had some hope and a deep connection

With what was left of the new generation

You only waited so long, till your dearest grandchild’s life

Finally bore the song, of one more generation

Hope, it is a never-ending story, you live to see one more baby

You lost all of yours, but you are not forlorn

Your hands they tremor and shake and you

Cannot even sip water without spilling

Breathing normally is a struggle, and speech is broken

But I see you watching my child’s face, it is smiling

And then I see your wrinkles light up


Dedicated to my grandmother, a woman of real hard steel who withstood it all and more and yet cheerful till she could no more