He said it so casually
You are like those
Who have a chip on their shoulder
It had been twenty-five years
Since they met
Even before that
They were merely acquainted
Moving in the same circle
But never close
Friends of friends
Who wanted to be friends
With each other
But always stayed apart
He was shy, she merely hid
The fact that she noticed him too much
The years that had passed between them
And taken them further away
And he had no inkling of
What it meant to be that way
She cried as the words they pierced
Her fragile heart, the one she
Usually shielded from strangers
Then she just brushed them away
His words, yes but they hurt
And she had learnt to always ignore
Hurtful things and move on
Or how would she be where she was
Standing up straight and tall
Chip on shoulder or not
She had to forge forward
Take her life to where she wanted it
He was never in the scheme
Of her things and if he hurt
It had to stay this way
She dusted the words away
And faced another day

Chip on the shoulder meaning: to seem angry all the time because you think you have been treated unfairly or feel you are not as good as other people