Ratnagiri-MangaloreMaking a journey of a few hours
Can be very revealing
Things that we see without thinking
Can kindle in you new feelings
Like zipping past in a train
A journey to Konkan in the rains
Time seems to be aplenty
And watching from the window
I see fields and streams
Homes by the path and
Trees and animals, rocks and caves
And something primitive in me
Wants to wander
Walk amidst the lush greens
Not bothering if the stones or thorns cut my feet
I will wash them in the clear streams
I want to live in the house
Of bricks and wood and mud
Far away from the worldly crowd
No shopping to do, no cellular connection
The stars will keep me company
At night and gaze on my roof
For theirs is the only light
I’d live by as a meagre soul
No French fries and cokes to
Fatten my middle and spoil my teeth
But home grown greens and honey
I will eat my fill and live merry
It’s so easy to eat and get lost
And I want to go and lie in the lap
Of mother earth
Then my cell buzzes
And my dreams are shattered
I am expected home and as my luggage I gather
I sigh and throw one last look at the plains and mountains
And with a promise I will
Come back and be wanton
I enter the city
The mountains behind me
Smirk we will be waiting ……………..