I do not miss you, you are still near
A very part of me, my essence
What am I without you O Mother
You just did not give me life
You made me felt loved and dear
It was you who taught me everything
All that I am today and all that I am not
I am because you molded me well
Thanks to you my dear mother
You always thought of me first
No sacrifice for me was great
You strove alone to give me the best
You showed me how to love and respect
How to live a life full of cheer
You taught me to rein my fears
Honed my talents, corrected my faults
Believed in me and taught me the same
Trusted me and gave me freedom
To fly yet kept my feet firmly on ground
So I grew to believe I am your Goddess
But in this world very much human
Humble and practical, peaceful and joyous
You made my life such a rich experience
I am not yet ready to give you up, to let go
Not yet ready to mourn my greatest loss ever
For I have not lost you mother
I have gained you in all the
Happiness you dreamt for me