You brought me here

For my good you say

But my sobs can you hear

And see my tears

I am scared and

I am confused

I want to blend in

But I stand out

I am the new boy in class

I am not sure if they like me

Sometimes I am teased

You told me make friends

But my friends are far way

I spoke with them

Over the phone

They seemed happy

To hear from me

But still forlorn

Some are curious

Why did I go away

Will they remember me

Like I do

Will we ever connect

In future someday

All I know that

I am far away

From all that

Comforted me

But you say I need

To grow

I will try

I may still cry

Hold me and hug me

Till I am ready

Tell me you are

Near by

For everything else is

Far away


We recently shifted cities and that meant new school, new environment and new friends for my son. He is still coming to terms with the big change in his life (this is the first shifting for him, the earlier one was he was two years old and hardly has any memories of that one).

While I admit to have pushed him into this I am trying to feel what he feels and goes through each day and I hope someday when he grows up he will realize I understood and we were always there for him.