The homecoming was exciting as I got to live in the part of the city that I had always coveted. Having lived in different cities for a decade I had found people so vastly different in their behaviors and beliefs. And I admit sheepishly I had become a bit judgmental myself.

I always cherished the memories of the city where I lived for the longest period of my life and considered my home. I had memories from the time I lived here. I remembered the people being kind and considerate, more tolerant than people in any other city.

People in my city were simple and suave at the same time. Honest but super smart, trustworthy and hardworking.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that all that I had seen and upheld was merely reminiscent of people who existed then in that time and space.

To say things had changed was an understatement.

I shifted into a high tower, hoping to weave new fabric of friendships and togetherness.

Slowly I learnt (and in a very unpleasant manner), people were more disconnected, more distanced by huge corridors and unseen glass doors, divided by elevators and floor rises, judged by being an owner of an apartment or just a tenant passing by (these were looked down upon and their say was not important in forming any rules).

As the Whatsapp messages became more and more derogatory and all people could do was off load their grievances, more to say their own inadequacies and frustrations of being behind self-created glass doors I realized the high and mighty were really low on self-esteem and lacking in basic human courtesy.

People who would not even glance at you in the elevator would side up on the Whatsapp group conversations. Most of them would even generally go by the drift of the masses and like me there were other minorities who decided to become silent spectators for the fear of being trolled and  lynched online for have our own opinions and not going by what the prestigious elite were saying.

As for tolerance, well this quality was soon diminishing in the people staying in high rises (maybe staying among the clouds was clouding their minds).

People were becoming intolerant to sounds coming from everywhere around, be it the call for prayers or the celebratory music on various festivals.

There was widely circulated self praising posts of how their twitter message got the cops to shut the music down.

It is becoming so sad and desperate that people want the winds to stop whistling.

Next they will be complaining of the sun shining in their eyes.

How I pity these poor living machines because the music has definitely left their souls.

I hope when it is time for me to relocate soon I will descend a little towards those living people who dance in the streets in the rain and forget to see you after their fires have been personally doused by you.

To those wanting to live a notch higher, my advise is don’t lose yourself in the clouds because it is to earth we must return one day.


behaving as though one is more important than others.
condescending, patronizing, disdainfulsupercilioussuperiorsnobbishsnobby, haughtyarrogantproudconceited, above oneself, egotistic, egotisticalimperiousoverweeningoverbearing