Shor took the huge paw and tried to make the motions of shaking it where in reality the palm of Corac could just pick him up and shake the life out of him.

And thus they began the tideous upward journey on a more friendlier note.


They must have climbed only a couple of feet but they were sweating profusely and already felt drained of energy.

Corac had placed Shor on his shoulder but the movement of Corac made Shor so dizzy and this time Shor did not want to risk falling down the endless pit again.

Without Corac there to protect him from the unfathomable darkness and all its hidden secrets Shor didn’t feel brave enough to be in the coral caves, he would rather be up here with this half man half crocodile friend.

Corac rested for a while. They were both thirsty and hungry and they felt like they were trying to crawl back into a huge black hole only they were going against gravity and it was always tough swimming against the tide.

Tide, wait were they in the middle of the ocean somewhere?

Corac had mentioned that he was “three worlds below the pool”.

“Corac where exactly are we?”, Shor asked. “Hmm looks like we passed the The Mad Pods place a while back”

“The Mad pod?” Shor asked. “Yes the Mad Pod or Mumbling Munn as I would like to call him. He is out of his head the old chap is senile. If we were to run into him he would probably take a good look at you and mumble some nasty things. And though he knows I can crush him he dares to irritate the heck out of me. Strange one he is”

The description was not even over and they heard strange rumblings. Shor could hardly see anything yet but a bit up ahead there was a curious light. Strange he had not noticed any lights when he fell, but then he was falling too fast and not really looking.

The mumblings were unintelligible to him but it sounded as if someone was angry, very angry. They climbed up towards the strange luminescence. It was a hypnotic light. Almost coming from far away and seemed to pull them towards itself. The mumblings grew louder as they approached.

The creature seemed to be approaching Shor with great alacrity.

Suddenly it was almost upon him. A creature that looked like an alien. It’s seven pairs of legs made it walk quickly towards them. It mumbled and trembled and looked as if it was going to knock him off or pick him up and throw him back down the hole.

It was his good fortune Corac was with him.



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