Darker than the darkest night

You wouldn’t want to even wander in their thoughts

The sheer force of violence there

Would leave you suffocating and gasping for air

The cruel intentions and evil schemes

Even against the ones they call their own

Would make your blood curl

They plan meticulously and target

The weakest link, albeit with love

Like a sugar-coated drug they make him immune

To any warnings of dangers he may receive

Then they attack the ones he promises to protect

And the weakling will just stand and watch

As they break each one who can fight

Slowly life becomes worse and hell seems

A much more amenable place

They either fight and separate

Or just die unexplained deaths

The first line of defense falls

Once all those who surround him

Who may protect him or fight, are gone

The hungry hyenas close in

Playing intricate mind-games

They take, loot, plunder all they want

Leaving behind an empty shell

Who does not even think of all

Those or that he lost

Because he is spell-bound forever

Till the wealth lust is not satisfied

All the tools they will use

But with that one target they will

Be gentle and loving so that

He may never see their true identity

When no more can be extracted

He will be left to die

It will then come to him how he

Lost all (more important the people)

But by then he is only praying

For a swift passage to the other side