We are all animals and we are all social animals, there is truth in both. We get our fangs up in a fraction of a second if we sense danger to ourselves or to those we care for. And we are ever striving to care for others and get cared for by others.

The thought of being alone is the biggest fear of most of us. Then there are those of us who want nothing more than to be left alone. We are against people nosing into our affairs yet we will post selfies of everything short of sitting on the toilet seat on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. (and then there are those who will do that too).

We are so tired of relatives and hanger-ons yet we will follow anyone who is worth being followed.

We build networks like ants in a colony. We meet and greet people. We make WhatsApp groups where we want to be a face a voice with an opinion.

We shun, accept, ridicule, adore so many different people with various degrees and with relative ease, it just happens like breathing. Sometimes there is no thought, no logic to our actions just an instinct we act upon. We still go by our gut feel even if there is no logical explanation to that action.

And above all we crave for a glimmer of a smile, acceptance into someone’s life, be a part of a larger group and be accepted for what we truly are (without pretenses).