This was her third cup of tea, she was not so much of a tea drinker but the restaurant served horrible coffee and drinking cold drinks would make her want to visit the stinky bathroom.

She was already nervous about this meeting and wanted to kick herself for giving in.

The curiosity is what they said killed the cat, well here she was and she had no nine lives.

But she really wanted to face the man who was biologically responsible for bringing her into this world and then moving on with his life as if she or her mother did not exist.

The call had come on her hostel landline and she had been up all night wondering who gave him the number. She had been out of touch with the world she left behind, a world which was small and where people were too ingrained in each other’s lives.

She thought she had moved on and then this blast from the past struck like a lightning and totally put her on the ground.

There was a time during her teens when she blamed her mother for everything and desperately tried to find out more about her father. He had shut her out and no matter how much she wanted to get in touch she got stonewalled.

All this years she wished he loved her and would return though she never considered how her mother would take it but like every teenage dream it was rosy and perfect and the world always revolved around her.

When the call came last night around 8pm she was chatting outside her room with her closest friend. She ran to the phone thinking it was her mother or that cute boy she was seeing a lot these days. When the decidedly very grown up voice on the other end enquired if she (and he repeated her full name twice to re-confirm) she was a little startled.

When he finally said slowly “I am your father” her knees just gave way and she sat down on the creaky chair near the phone.

It was as if somebody had punched her in the stomach and taken the wind out of her.

When she regained both her voice and her poise she coolly asked him what was this about.

Twenty-three years on this man had decided her she was worth meeting.

And here she was drinking tea and hoping he would show up.