Though I am stay at home mom and I try to blog and do all my chores while my son (7) is in school there are times when between his homework and other schedules I do not spend enough time with him.

So, this Children’s Day (It is celebrated here on November 14th) I decided to spend the day with my child. I finished my chores early and since it was a day off from school for him he had already made his plan for the day.

It was a movie fest on almost all the movie channels that day and all the movies were aimed at entertaining the children.

Normally my son is not allowed TV for more than an hour each day this  but this was his special day and he was not going to hand over the remote.

I just let everything else slide and flopped on the sofa with my son. If I had to spend time with him I had to do it his way.

We watched Chronicles of Narnia.

At the end of it I did not want to return to my world and suddenly realised that my son and me were in the same world and immensely close.

We spoke at length of which characters we were and which were the battles we wanted to fight. Finally, at the end of the day when I tucked my son in bed I could see the lingering smile as he continued to be in his dreams what he reflected himself to be.

I wondered why do we ever grow up and become this sad money-making living for others futile selves.

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