I am always paranoid, of being  mugged, robbed, of ethnic riots and of natural disasters.

Mostly of natural disasters.

We abuse mother earth and take everything for granted but once in a while she turns around and just like a real angry mother she lashes out. Then her fury does not discern between the rich or the poor, the guilty or innocent. She does calm down and settle down after her outburst but it takes years to rebuild what she destroys in her fury.

Just like we abuse her abundance and generosity for years without giving a thought to other creatures much less our own fellow beings.

Sometimes mother earth dries up her bosom and we are left hunting for water far and wide, it is like a lesson to the naughty child who has spilled all his drinking water and so has to stand in the silent corner and stay thirsty.

Then there are times when she cries, she cries so much that her tears wash away everything. All life and man-made atrocities.

But who is to blame her? Mother nature? Or we the race that undoubtedly are far more superior in understanding evaluating and even emphasizing?

We are to blame her because we are way too selfish than any creature on earth and that is why we suffer the most losses.

I have been stuck in the flooded city on Mumbai in 2005 . I was on the road for three days with a friend, Survived the peril of being sucked into open manhole (whose fault?) seen sights that still keep me awake on nights it rains heavily.

In a city overcrowded with humans fighting for space, money, food, power it is always the poor and the not so rich who suffer.

Somehow though I love the rains whenever there is too much water in the streets I wonder how the homeless survive.