The ugly queen watched the two love birds. She wanted the blue one but she did not want him to pair with a green bird. Blue goes with blue right? The lovebirds oblivious to her stare continued to gaze into each other’s eyes.

“I bought the blue love bird thinking he would get another lovely blue mate. How can he choose the green bird?” she thundered. Separate them were her orders.

The minister advised her against it. “The blue male you like so much will die if you separate him from his mate”, he told the queen.

“Is there no way to separate them?” she fumed. Then she threw a bag of gold coins at the seller. “I will buy both of them because I like the blue bird so much. I will tolerate his bad choice, his partner the green one too. But I want a big cage and a small cage.”

“Put the green bird and then put the small cage in the big cage where the blue bird is.” In an instant she had created the illusion for the love birds that they were still together.

The blue male thought his green partner was very much there with him, in the same cage. It was all he had ever wanted, to be with her. He could touch her, feel her and see her. He could not see the cage she was in.

He chirped happily that the queen had given them a royal life of togetherness. He was grateful and soon grew quite fond and would pick on food only when the queen fed him in gold bowls.

The green bird on the other hand grew miserable as each day passed, she tried to explain to her partner that all was not the same. That she was trapped but the blue bird did not heed to anything she had to say. They were together, that was all that mattered. With her partner not believing her the green bird had nowhere to turn.

She was not only in a double caged but also pretty exposed to the humiliation and pokes of the queen.woman-1101318_960_720

The blue bird could hardly find any fault with the queen she was mother like for him and in his eyes she could never do anything wrong.

Slowly the green bird started shriveling up. Her pain kept to herself gnawed at her heart and with each passing day she grew paler. She was dying but her mate could not see it, just as he could not see the cage inside the cage.

One fine day the queen woke up and saw the green bird lying lifeless in her cage. She squealed with delight, her plan had worked. She asked the guards to remove the dead bird from her presence.

When the guards took the small cage out and opened it they were surprised to see the green bird fly away.

The blue male mourned for his partner for a few days, then the queen bought him a blue female just as she always fancied and he forgot everything.