He looked at her as she emerged from the store, she had been browsing through the dresses, flirting with the salesman and smiling at the saleslady. They could not help but be mesmerized by her.

He was too, it was difficult not to be. She was all peaches and cream. Her small face had soft lips and her defiant and stubborn red lipstick was a total contrast to her general demeanor.

She looked up at the skies as she stepped out. It started raining as if on cue. She crinkled her nose and took a step back. The winds were billowing now and her skirt was whirling in a crazy swirls around her waist as if wanting her to break into a dance.

He approached her slowly and offered to flag down a cab for her. Hell it was not an easy job. Cabbies in this part of the town were snooty lot. They thought plying around in a high end shopping area should give them the privilege to take drop offs only in equally snobbish addresses.

1She seemed so grateful by his offer that when he did manage to get her a cab she coyly turned to him and pecked him on his cheek.

He was too stunned by the action. There had been no physical contact with the opposite sex in almost a decade. To think of it there had been no physical contact with any other human being in a long time.

Then the pain gushed through him, so violent, so harsh it almost knocked him over.

That he would probably never see her again was the knowledge that was the driving him insane.

Just as he was about to give up on her as he had given up on life he felt a sudden smoothness against his lips.

She was on her tip toes and as she brushed her lips against his, all of him melted away in the rain and he became the smooth chocolate he could taste on her lips.

He looked still dazed when the cab door closed and she was whisked away from him.

The chocolate taste lingers on………..