I will not stand besides you
When I see that you are wrong
I will gently try to correct you
I will nudge you to take the right path
Sometimes I will push you
But I won’t be a silent spectator
To your fall
I will nag you to do things
That need to be done for your own good
I am harsh but if that works
I will take the sting in your words
I will not stand by and let someone
Make a fool out of you
Even if it is someone we know
I will block them out
I will never let you stop
If you need to go on
And carry you to the finish line
If that is how we end it all
But above all I will not
Be there in your destruction
Because I will not let you fall
And in case you are pushed
I will help you pick it all
I may be pushy and seem hard
If that’s how I have to be
I will be and above all
I will never think twice before
Sacrificing everything I have
But I will not let you give up
No, I will not stand besides you
To simply see it go, all of it
You may not think this
But I truly care about you
And while you may get it all wrong
I will never let you fail or fall