In this age of easy to prove guilty difficult to be proven innocent there are enough women out there who will put their breasts on the table and when ignored or not given more than their share of expectations will cry foul.

They are such great actors that most men (the poor victims) will feel it is easier to oblige than to resist.

These women are present everywhere, the career corridors are more exposed now thanks to social media but what about these man-eaters who are sometimes a part of your social circle or even worse a part of your extended or immediate family.

If it is office or external threat you can still resign or change your route but what happens when they are family, (just like most child abusers) these women will lay in wait till the family gatherings, dinners, birthdays, weddings any damn reason to come together and then will casually touch, corner, make suggestive remarks or if bolder (and more desperate) will sometimes touch in full view of the wife or other family members knowing fully well that it is too embarrassing to be taken upfront.

That it will entail disharmonious fights, allegations, suspicions well that is of no concern to them because by then she is out…………………………till the next gathering