Learning they say is a continuous process, one that takes place even when totally unaware that we are imbibing something.

I learnt a very important lesson from my son. He was two and a half then. I got married quite late in life and had a miscarriage before my son Shourya was born.

Naturally I was more protective of him (still am).

We were living in lovely gated community ‘Yamuna Apartments” which has a huge green lawn for the toddlers to play.

The toddlers would roll on the lawn play catch and do the usual things that toddlers do while the mothers caught up on their quota of gossip, recipe sharing, playing agony aunts to one another and just generally unwinding.

My son is a very subdued child and would sometimes get pushed around by others.

One day particularly he came home badly scratched near his eyes. I wanted to know who had done this to him. As it happened the child who had tried to gauge out my son’s eyes was a one year old. His mother was my friend but seeing my son hurt I was naturally livid.

I reprimanded my son and asked him not to play with the child who hurt him. He looked at me innocently and said “But ma, he is so little that he  doesn’t even understand that he is hurting me, how can I not play with him. And if I am patient with him maybe he will learn”.

I was dumbfounded, such wise words from such a little guy. Yes he was right. The child was too small but my son had made a big point.

I am constantly learning from my son, there are so many beautiful things he teaches me everyday, to let go, to forgive and above all to love unconditionally.