“I will own that beautiful house one day” I will never forget the words of a colleague.
I had just joined the agency and this young copy-writer and I would travel sometimes with our boss. We passed this very lavish, sprawling home on our way to work.

End-of-Life-Dreams-and-Visions-479718794-300x194And all of us would have exactly the same thoughts, ‘What would it be like to live in such splendor?’

I mocked Sameer when he said that, but he turned around and very straight faced said to me, “Don’t you know the power of your dreams, if you dream about something very passionately and want it with all your heart you will achieve it.”

We moved jobs, cities and as it happens we lost touch but his words stuck with me for good. I have made it my mantra.

I know we just have to dream constantly and vehemently and then we automatically start defining our actions around the dream. We live it, breathe it, think of it and it becomes like a constant buzz, an all consuming flame.

When you are on the threshold of realizing your dream it is like jumping off a cliff into a waterfall, daring, exiting, adventurous. And when you hit the water it is like attaining nirvana of the material kind.