We tweet, we FB, we blog but ask a friend to meet you over coffee and prompt comes the reply “I am too busy at work these days, in a new project”, “With my kids I hardly get any time for myself”, “I am going on a vacation, will post the pics on FB when I am back”.

We have time to add people to our circles in the virtual world but we hardly are present in any social circle in real life. We are too busy chasing clients, making meetings happen, clicking innumerable picture of inanimate objects to show off our photography skills. Yet do we make time to enjoy that sunset while stuck in the traffic on our way home or are we already late for that have to see tv serial.

We run and run and need spas and salons to pamper ourselves, but the simplicity of enjoying a daily routine like a family meal is gone. We turn to over the counter meditations but do we really want to look within ourselves. Maybe not because there is an emptiness deeper than the black hole, wider than any sea.

We debate and fight and post statuses to impress, we even watch people slugging it out on various new channels in the name of bringing to light several issues. So many sound bytes, whatever happened to the golden silence